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Changing The Name, Not The Purpose

Last fall, the Executive Director and the board members of The Triad Dream Center decided to strategically enhance the image and presence of their organization. Four initiatives were identified during this time – change the name, design a new logo for the name change, create a new mission and vision statement and update the current website. 

The Dream Center of Forsyth County or The Dream Center was chosen because as much as we want to serve ‘the triad’, we’re only serving members of Forsyth county. The hope is to one day expand our services to the triad but right now, our focus will continue to be on those we currently serve in Winston-Salem and the surrounding areas.

Since the name changed, the logo would need to be changed. We collaborated with Wildfire, a local marketing agency, on the logo concept and design. After discussing the purpose The Dream Center and considering several design options, the decision was made to move forward with the new logo.  The image of the house represents a home, shelter or protection while the building represents the iconic Winston-Salem skyline. The logo is clean, simple to identify and represents the community we serve. 

The previous mission and vision statements were long and to be truthful, hard to remember. We wanted to create a clear and concise message that represents both the clients and donors of the Dream Center. Our mission and vision statements evolved to reflect the partnerships needed within our community in order to provide the essential resources to those in need. 

Mission: Together sharing life-changing resources, neighbor to neighbor
Vision: Creating a world where generous hearts receive and give for all of life’s needs. 

The last initiative was our biggest change yet. The transformation of The Dream Center’s website included updated content, present day imagery, modern design and a user friendly experience. The work was completed over several months by volunteers who had a passion to help The Dream Center by using their specific talents. 

Even though the name and look of The Dream Center has changed, our purpose remains to serve the community as we have done for over 30 years. We hope you connect with The Dream Center by choosing to make a financial donation, become a volunteer and/or a community partner.

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Dream Center of Forsyth County
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