A Helping Hand

Have you ever been in a situation where you didn’t have any means to clothe yourself or your children? There are any number of reasons for an individual or family to be in circumstances like this.

One woman had to flee her home with only the clothes on her back. She had been living in an abusive situation for many years and trying to endure. But the abuse became so violent that for her own safety she had to go. She didn’t have time to pack anything. She was able to find a safe place to stay but needed clothing.

There was a family that survived a house fire. They at least had their lives, but they lost everything they had in the fire. They were able to get some assistance with a place to stay temporarily and some funds for food and clothing. But it wasn’t enough. They really needed clothing for the whole family.

Another lady had gone through some major health issues and had lost over 100 pounds. Needlessly to say, she needed clothing that fit. Since she had been out of work sick for so long, she didn’t have the money to go out and buy all new clothes. She was also going to have to find a new job. You can’t go on interviews without looking your best. She needed help.

A gentleman had just been released from prison. After being incarcerated, the only clothing he had was what they gave him when he left prison. He just wanted a couple of sets of clothing so he could start looking for a job.

Another man had lost his job and he had two young school age girls with him. He was using his savings to provide shelter and some food, but there wasn’t enough for him to buy their school clothes. He needed to make sure his girls were taken care of.

Our Redress Boutique offers a wide range of clean, gently used clothing and accessories for those in need in the Forsyth County area. After being closed for over a year due to COVID-19, we are once again giving out clothing and accessories and we have increased our hours and days of operation.

We’re Meeting A Need

These are just a few of the stories I have heard from Redress clients. But we are not there just for emergency situations. There are more individuals and families in need of assistance than ever before. There are many that have a job and still need a hand with the bare necessities. Choosing to pay the rent or house payment or buy clothing, the clothing loses out.

In the month of August, we gave out more clothing than we had in the first seven months of 2021. And the numbers for the month of September were even greater. But much more than that, we were there for people to talk to. We make every effort to individually assist each client with their shopping and during the visit, if they want to talk, we are there to listen. If prayer is requested, we are more than willing to accommodate.

If you would like to help support Redress, you can make an donation online, or contact our office at

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